Durham Garden Center is a locally owned, plant-focused retail garden business located in West Durham. We offer a carefully curated selection of houseplants, annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, soil amendments, fertilizers, pottery, and anything else you may need to have the garden of your dreams! Our quality plant selections are locally sourced from North Carolina nurseries.

Throughout the year we host educational and engaging events as well as workshops to support our local gardening friends. We are always striving to build relationships with local businesses and growers to support our community.

Our philosophy is: learn, plant, grow. We want our long-time friends and newcomers alike to love plants as much as we do, and to be excited to learn more about plants each and every visit...as well as share your wealth of knowledge with us so we can continue to grow!


Jason Massey - Manager, managers@durhamgardencenternc.com

Katie O’Brien - Assistant Manager, trees.shrubs.dgc@gmail.com

**Please contact Katie for inquiries regarding trees, shrubs & houseplants.

Katy Andersen - Assistant Manager, annuals.perennials.dgc@gmail.com

**Please contact Katy for inquiries regarding annuals & perennials.